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Anne Meyer

B.A. University of MN

Reiki Master Teacher-Usui lineage since 2007
Graduate SEND Institute

Reiki came into my life at a time when I was searching for non-pharmaceutical options to manage anxiety, mild depression, and chronic fatigue. A friend recommended that I investigate Reiki and the amazing benefits it has to offer. I did, and the rest is history! I learned to manage my stress and limiting patterns and started sharing Reiki with my family and friends. After witnessing the amazing benefits Reiki can bring to people, it became my goal to share it with those seeking renewal and balance in their lives. Even after 13 years, I learn something new with each session. I am grateful for the opportunity to assist people in their healing journey.


Please note that I am NOT a medical doctor, and I DO NOT diagnose illness or alter existing medical treatment plans. Also, I DO NOT  prescribe medications or recommend changes to existing pharmaceutical protocols.   


I believe that Eastern and Western treatments and techniques work in a complementary manner and that it is the decision of each individual to determine the method(s) best suited to their needs. To heal and move forward, we must work on all levels; Mind, Body, and Spirit.  

My goal in doing this work is to help people remember what it feels like to be vital and whole. Energy work and laying on of the hands is not "out there," nor do I believe it to be "New-Age." It has been practiced in some form by every human culture, for centuries. I strive to make this type of care normal and acceptable to all who are open to receiving it.   

Reiki is practiced in hospitals, clinics, dentist offices, spas, sports training facilities, and disaster sites.  


I am a current member of the International Reiki Organization and closely adhere to their code of ethics and professional conduct. Copies are available upon request.


I am also a member of the River Valley Holistic Health Alliance in Stillwater, MN. For more information, please visit

My associate is a trained Medical Intuitive.  She can read the systems of the body to determine what underlying issues might be related to your physical and or emotional dis-ease. She is NOT a medical doctor and DOES NOT diagnose illness or prescribe medication. 

To inquire, please call: Rachel Bonin (612) 669-5835

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