Many of you already know what this acronym stands for--in case you don't, it reminds us to "Keep It Simple Stupid." Sorry about that last word--not my creation, so I cannot take the liberty of changing it. If you prefer more positive language, replace the last "s" with something like...well, it may be harder than you think....Santa, Stella, silly, spectacular me, super get the idea. The phrase was actually created by Kelly Johnson, an aircraft engineer for the Navy, in the 60's. His beliefs: unnecessary complexity should be avoided, and systems work best when they are kept in their most basic form. This concept isn't limited to airplane design--it applies to human life as wel

And We're Off...

I am starting with a bit of a personal observation that will lead to a bit of a confession which I believe many can relate to. This is a PG rated blog, so if you went to some sketchy place in your brain, this is sure to disappoint..... I can feel the intensity. It is brewing under my feet, it surrounds me; engaging all of my senses. It blows in with the fury of an intense storm, and follows me everywhere I go. Any idea where this is going? If you guessed the holiday season, you are insanely intuitive and you should go buy a lottery ticket! I confess, that it is December 1st, and I am already off to the holiday races. I did not participate in Black Friday or Cyber Monday, but I have pag

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