What the Dog Taught Me....

As I watched the snow come down today, it made me think of our sweet Maggie. No creature loved the snow more than she did. On a good snowy day, she would be in and out of the house no less than 20 times; rolling, digging, eating. She was the only Meyer who never complained about going out to shovel-even if it was the third time. My typical reaction to the snow has always been quite the opposite, as in; I see it as a huge inconvenience! So in her honor, I decided to try and see it more like she would-at least for today. Okay, I didn't go roll, dig or eat any snow, but I did try to be more excited and energized by it. Before going out to shovel, I had time to watch the snow fall and do a

Happy New Year!

Here we are at the beginning of another year--an opportunity to take another wild spin around the sun! It befuddles my small mind when I stop and think that even when we have our feet planted firmly on the ground, we are in constant, subtle (seemingly subtle) motion. Yet, look at the distance covered in one year's time--584 million miles! Earth doesn't thrust us into an intense time warp that makes us sick like the effects of an intense roller coaster--we wouldn't survive! Rather, it moves us subtly forward, sparing us the gut ache and intense head rush. Ok, technically, the Earth does move at 67,000 miles per hour, but we do not experience it this way on Earth.....it takes 365 days which

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