When You're Tired...

As I sit back and reflect on the month of May-the month of maniacal weather here in MN- and of Mother's Day and Memorial Day, Kids, teacher and parents trying to survive the flurry of AP testing, finals, prom, graduation, transitioning from dorm back to family life, play offs for sports teams etc., I came to the realization that I am tired. My family is tired. We sleep much less, reduce or eliminate workout time, eat on the run, and pack our schedules with all of the extras the season demands. As a result, we are running on fumes. Our emotions are close to the surface, we have little time to talk or listen, and we often react too quickly and too strongly to the situation at hand. Sometime

In Gratitude...

So, today is May 8th--two months to the date after I wrote the post. One problem: I never published it! Here's to being human and making mistakes...... Welcome! If we were taking attendance for this site, I would have some serious detention to do. In other words, it has been awhile.... Today, March 8th, is Women's Appreciation Day--in case you missed the memo. Initially, I hesitated to write on this particular day because I am so not wanting to be perceived as being political or exclusionary in any way, nor do I believe this has to be a one special day kind of thing. But, then I decided not to let potential fear or judgement keep me from expressing my gratitude to the amazing women I hav

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