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About Our Classes

We keep class sizes small and also work with people individually, depending on preference and availability.

Classes can be taught in one 7-8 hour day, or two half days 4-5 hours.


We also offer classes and presentations on stress and anxiety management and Vision Board Workshops; which are tailored to meet the needs of your organization.

Usui Level I  $175 (includes manual)


This level awakens the healer within and builds the foundation of your self Reiki practice. Students will learn the history of Traditional Usui Reiki, hand positions, how to give a Reiki treatment to self and to others, and learn about the Chakra system. Each participant will receive the Reiki I attunement which enables the Reiki energy to work through your system, as well as a certificate of completion.

Usui Level II  $200 (includes manual--prerequisite Usui Reiki Level I)

In this level, we begin with an overview/review of Reiki Level I, and discuss your experiences and daily self-care. Each student will receive the Level II attunement and three symbols which elevate and balances your Chakra system, as well as the ability to send long-distance Reiki. We will also discuss the process of setting up a practice and sharing in your community.  Each participant will receive a certificate upon completion. 

Usui Level III --Master Level  $250 (includes manual-prerequisite Usui Reiki Level II)

At this level, we begin by reviewing Reiki levels I and II and discuss your experiences and daily self-practice. This class provides advanced training and education to further develop your Reiki practice and healing gifts as a Reiki practitioner. You will receive the level III attunement, Usui Master Symbol, moving meditation, and talk about the next steps in your journey. Upon completion, each student will be comfortable describing what it means to be a true Reiki Master and will receive a certificate of completion.

Reiki Level IV--Reiki Master Teacher  $275 (includes manual-prerequisite Usui Reiki Level III)

This class offers the training and education you will need to be a confident Reiki Master Teacher. We begin by reviewing all previous levels of Reiki and the course content at each level, receive the Level IV attunement and practice and develop your ability to teach each level and give the attunements. We will also discuss the methods used to develop a thriving practice. Each participant will receive a certificate of completion. 

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