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Where Focus Goes, Energy Flows.....

I hope that this post finds you happy, healthy, and enjoying the long summer days. Yes, I know that I am deliquent in delivering consisent material. Let's just say that I have several partially written posts, but nothing that has made it to completion. My focus was...lacking. It is summer after all...

Today, I want to remind you about the power of your thoughts--both positive and negative--and where those thoughts lead you. If you take a moment and do a pulse check on your life, can you identify where you are focusing--or not focusing-- your thoughts? Is your focus predominantly positive, or does it register as more negative? And, can you see where your energy is going as a result of these thoughts? Are you getting the outcomes you desire? Further, are these areas of focus in alignment with your priorities? Do they lead you toward or away from your goals and desires? How does this make you feel? I encourage you to take a few minutes--or days--to observe your responses.

Taking the time to acknowledge these questions and reflect on them may be eye opening, and potentially life changing. I recently went through this exercise, and I discovered multiple limiting thought patterns that were inhibiting my progress, draining my energy, and left me grasping to control things beyond my reach. Sound depressing? Not at all--just the opposite in fact! It was truly like refocusing the lens on the camera. It brought me relief, and a renewed spirit, as I could see more clearly the ways in which I was impeding my own progress.

The next step was to gain clarity through visualizing the "sweet spot" where my focus and priorities intersect. Once that was in place, I could create a plan. And by plan, I mean the baby steps that I could take each day, to move toward those goals.

How did I do this? I am visual, so I participated in creating a vision board, which is a visual representation of my goals that captures how I want to feel in my life as I engage in it each day. By seeing the board every day--multiple times--I visualize my life and goals in a positive and uplifting way, which repeatedly plants the seeds of possibility. I can tell you, it is very powerful! My daily focus and intention, when aligned with my priorities, is where my energy goes. The result, is that I move toward my goals. Pretty Cool!

This one exercise is so powerful and so simple, that we dediced to offer a few workshops to help people connect with the power of their thoughts and gain clarity in how they want to feel while moving toward their own goals.

Whether you opt to do this on your own, or choose to join us, it is valuable and I encourage you to do it! I would never recommend something that I have not road tested myslef...

For more information, or to register, please go to the Events Page at:

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