Hello Clients and Friends!

Happy New Year from Pieces of Mind and Body!

Rachel and I hope that you enjoyed a healthy and happy holiday season and that you are ready for the freshness brought in by the new year.

Even though we are still dealing with the reality of COVID restrictions and inconveniences as we begin 2021, we can still take steps to freshen up our outlook and approach, toward feeling good in the new year. For many of us, 2020 was like an extreme rollercoaster; filled with endless and unexpected ups-and-downs, accompanied by periods of overwhelming emotion and intensity. As a result, many have struggled to maintain balance and are out of physical, emotional, and spiritual alignment. Some have developed new and healthy habits and patterns, and others have perhaps turned to less healthy habits in order to get through or feel stuck. No judgment!

Now is a great time to hit pause and take inventory of how you are doing and feeling. Be honest! What is working and what needs to change? What areas of your life would you like to, or do you need to find more balance? We are pretty good about regularly tuning up the car and updating our computers and phones etc. Our physical bodies need these same, regular tune-ups if we want them to keep operating smoothly. Now might be a good time for a tune-up!

We have some great news! Thanks to a generous donor (we'll call him Santa), we will be able to keep our space through June--and hopefully longer! At this point, Rachel will continue to deliver her work via phone or online, and I (Anne), will continue to see clients both in person at the office, and for distance sessions. I (Anne), am so grateful and one way I intend to pay it forward is by extending my Holiday specials through the end of March 2021. To see the specials, or schedule a session, you can visit: and it will take you to the website. Or, you can call 651.485.8432 to reach Anne or 651.669.5835 to reach Rachel.

We hope to hear from you and maybe even see you soon!

Let's start the new year in balance, peace, and good cheer!

Many Blessings!

Anne & Rachel

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