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Sessions typically last 60-75 minutes and begin with a short intake /conversation. Clients rest comfortably on a Therapy table and remain fully clothed for the entire session. Shoes are removed. The atmosphere is calm and soothing and can be adjusted for client preference. The work is appropriate for all ages.


$75.00 for a 60-minute session

$75.00 for a distant session

$20.00 addition to session fee, for on-site treatments 

$250.00 4 sessions over 10 days-for chronic conditions /quickened healing 


**Please note: The first session lasts about 75 - 85 minutes ($85) to allow time for an initial consultation and paperwork**

Cancelation Policy

Please cancel 24 hours in advance when possible!  We understand that life doesn't always go as planned. Please respect this policy and we will do the same.  

Payment Information

At this time we accept cash, check, Apple Pay and Venmo.   

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