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And We're Off...

I am starting with a bit of a personal observation that will lead to a bit of a confession which I believe many can relate to. This is a PG rated blog, so if you went to some sketchy place in your brain, this is sure to disappoint.....

I can feel the intensity. It is brewing under my feet, it surrounds me; engaging all of my senses. It blows in with the fury of an intense storm, and follows me everywhere I go. Any idea where this is going? If you guessed the holiday season, you are insanely intuitive and you should go buy a lottery ticket!

I confess, that it is December 1st, and I am already off to the holiday races. I did not participate in Black Friday or Cyber Monday, but I have pages of lists, and schedules and meal plans etc. I have mailed my cards, and decorated most of the house. I have already watched two Christmas movies. Here is the observation: I love to be organized and efficient, and somehow in my mind, I think if I can just get ahead of it all, I will "finish" early and win the race against Christmas. The race against Christmas?! I have lost my marbles! I don't even believe in over doing Christmas! I try to be somewhat of a minimalist, and yet, I am looking forward, to the end "goal, " completely absent from the value of the present moment. Did I mention that it is December 1st? As a result, I have fallen out of the practices that keep me centered and balanced: diet, rest, exercise; mind, body and spirit. No wonder I am edgy and feel like I am dragging myself around. I am surviving instead of thriving and enjoying a season that I so love. The journey matters and there is no race. Hmm....

The good news? It is only December 1st and I have plenty of time to alter my actions.

In my previous (and only) post, I expressed my genuine desire to help as many people as possible in their journey to grow in balance and create meaningful experiences in their lives. So, to help you start your month of December on an healthy, balanced note, I have made a list of easy, fast, and free reminders:

Drink Water--straight up--all day long--every day

Breathe--breathe some more--all day long. Breathe in peace and calm--breathe out worry. The fresher the air, the better

Eat good food--let me rephrase that--eat healthy food--every day

Move! Stand up and take a big stretch--take some laps around the office, building or house--several

times a day

Sleep--regularly--most nights. Tests show that we are made happier by consistent quality sleep than

by receiving a 50% increase in pay.

Simplify--your schedule, your shopping, your commitments, your expectations

Take something off of your list each day. Remember this for your kids too!

Gratitude--give thanks for your many blessings, and enjoy the smile that forms on your face--share it

with another human being.

Pause--unplug, reflect and be aware of the moment--the more the better

Enjoy! Sing songs--bake, visit with friends--laugh--repeat

I encourage/challenge/invite (whatever word speaks to you) you to do these regularly and notice how you feel. We all perceive the world differently, so do what works for you! And as always, give yourself some kudos, you are awesome!



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