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In Gratitude...

So, today is May 8th--two months to the date after I wrote the post. One problem: I never published it! Here's to being human and making mistakes......

Welcome! If we were taking attendance for this site, I would have some serious detention to do. In other words, it has been awhile....

Today, March 8th, is Women's Appreciation Day--in case you missed the memo. Initially, I hesitated to write on this particular day because I am so not wanting to be perceived as being political or exclusionary in any way, nor do I believe this has to be a one special day kind of thing. But, then I decided not to let potential fear or judgement keep me from expressing my gratitude to the amazing women I have so far, encountered in my life. I have some pretty amazing male type people in my life too, and maybe we can talk about that on a different day....

As I attempt to discern what message I really want to convey, I am flooded with thoughts of the many meaningful experiences I have had throughout the course of my life, as it has been touched by so many kind and supportive women. Full disclosure; there have been some pretty mean women in my life too, and while they have taught me important lessons, they are not my focus. I hold no grudges and I genuinely wish them well.

The women I speak of are the ones who have given me the gift of unwavering friendship and presence in my life. Some have been there nearly my whole life, and some I am just getting to know. There are those that live close by and some at a great distance. They are young and old and the best thing about my friends, is that they bring boat loads of variety to my life. They are like the many facets of a diamond or the petals of a beatiful flower; offering brilliance and depth. Most of these women fly under the radar when it comes to being noticed for what they add to the world and to their circles of influence. They humbly go about their days sharing their unique gifts and talents, expecting nothing in return, and they are really good at getting #@$% done. They don't seek praise or recognition, they are simply getting it done while leaving a bit magic sparkle dust in their wake. Ladies, just so you know, I see you, and I appreciate you!

These gritty and compassionate women have held me up in times of incredible struggle, pushed me to be better, go further, talked me through pain, laughed about my sometimes-skewed views, and have kept me in check when I was out of line. In many cases, they have trusted me to do the same for them, and I am truly honored. These women are the lights that illuminate my sometimes foggy or darkened path, and they are like family to me.

The image I chose for this post is welcoming and warm and it makes me think of the many women who have offered their light and kept me safe from losing my way. Each one has her own light, and together, they create so much light that there is no way I could ever be totally in the dark. You ladies, are like the sun to me. Thank You!

To all of my amazing, gritty, wise and fabulous friends and mentors: Thank you for all the beauty and kindness you bring to my world!

Many Blessings,


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