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Today is Grandparent's Day!

If you didn't know that Grandparent's Day existed or if you have never celebrated it in the past, today offers the chance to start. In 1978, President Jimmy Carter proclaimed that Grandparent's Day would be celebrated each year, on the first Sunday after Labor Day. The month of September was chosen to signify and honor the "Autumn" years of life.

Now more than ever, our Grandparents and seniors need to hear from us! So many of our seniors have been isolated and removed from the life-giving activities and interactions that bring joy and meaning to their lives that their health and overall sense of well-being is compromised. They are craving connection and need to know that we are thinking of them. So, call them! Zoom with them! Drive-by their residence! Send a picture or card! This is a classic example of the notion "A little goes a long way." What you do is not nearly as important as doing something simple. As human beings, we are wired for connection and each of us knows how good it feels to be remembered and valued by another human being.

Connecting with our Grandparents or senior friends need not be relegated to one specific day--but rather an opportunity experienced and valued in the very fabric of our households and communities. We have so much to learn and gain from these connections. Many of us will be fortunate enough to experience the Autumnal season of our lives--and I can only imagine the sense of joy and happiness I would feel by engaging regularly with my family and friends. Who knows, it may be the very thing that keeps me going...

I know life is busy and a bit stressful right now. I get it! I also know that you have the opportunity to light up someone's day--by investing a few minutes of your time and energy. If I had to guess, it may even light up your day.

Be Well!

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