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Happy New Year!

Here we are at the beginning of another year--an opportunity to take another wild spin around the sun! It befuddles my small mind when I stop and think that even when we have our feet planted firmly on the ground, we are in constant, subtle (seemingly subtle) motion. Yet, look at the distance covered in one year's time--584 million miles! Earth doesn't thrust us into an intense time warp that makes us sick like the effects of an intense roller coaster--we wouldn't survive! Rather, it moves us subtly forward, sparing us the gut ache and intense head rush. Ok, technically, the Earth does move at 67,000 miles per hour, but we do not experience it this way on takes 365 days which is gradual.... work with me here.....

This got me thinking about resolutions and goals and human nature, and it made me realize that we humans often forget that life isn't always a series of "Go Big or Go Home" decisions or actions. Most times, life isn't conveniently that black and white and if we can't go big, or get there quickly, we give up. We abandon opportunities and give up on our seemingly unattainable goals, and then we get discouraged, stressed, negative, ill--you get the idea. Lucky for us, there is another way to approach this!

If we make consistent, small, steps toward whatever it is we seek, we get there before we know it; just like our annual trip around the sun! And, because we progress gradually, it gives our mind, body and spirit time to let the changes and progress, subtly settle into in our systems. It creates space for lasting change and possibility. Each moment in the day is an opportunity for a first step, and each step advances us one step forward. Regardless of the choice or situation, the power is always in the present moment, and how you get there is more important than how quickly you get there. You may be thinking I am going all Zen or have lost all sense of reality--that could be true, but I am telling you, this approach is worth a try! Gradually, life becomes more manageable and you will experience more satisfaction and joy; even when we may be progressing more slowly. Enjoy the journey, and notice what is shifting and changing! Will there be set backs and frustration? Will we forget or become impatient? Be sure of it!! Once you become aware, simply begin again and take a step forward.

I challenge you to give this a thought, or better yet--a try, as you move through the new year! If you have goals or resolutions, approach them with the intention of making progress--slow, imperfect and pleasurable progress, not solely focusing on the big prize or perfection. Practice the power of the present moment--when you get ahead of yourself or thoughts are spinning out of control, take a breath and be where your feet are--right there grounding you in the present moment.



PS. After experiencing a serious block in what to share, for days, my mind exploded last night and it was tough to choose just one topic. Be thankful that I didn't go with my rant about the Zipper Merge!!! If you have time, I'd love to hear from you! You can agree or disagree with me, or add to what I write, as long it is not offensive to others, or doesn't involve the Zipper Merge!!

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