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What the Dog Taught Me....

As I watched the snow come down today, it made me think of our sweet Maggie. No creature loved the snow more than she did. On a good snowy day, she would be in and out of the house no less than 20 times; rolling, digging, eating. She was the only Meyer who never complained about going out to shovel-even if it was the third time. My typical reaction to the snow has always been quite the opposite, as in; I see it as a huge inconvenience! So in her honor, I decided to try and see it more like she would-at least for today. Okay, I didn't go roll, dig or eat any snow, but I did try to be more excited and energized by it.

Before going out to shovel, I had time to watch the snow fall and do a little reflecting. I was thinking of Maggie and all the lessons I learned from her over the years. Yes, I admit that I learned relevant life lessons from my dog! The major ones include: being in the present moment, to quickly forgive and move on, to protect those you love--even when you are jolted awake in the middle of the night, and most importantly; to love and accept people unconditionally. There was never any judgement or Ego with Maggie, just pure love. Then I got to thinking, what if I were more like this? Is this even possible and what would it look like? How would it change my life? Am I unconditional in ANY of my relationships? Hmmm..... and the whole forgive and forget quickly thing...I have some important work to do. Often I intend to practice these things, but fall short due to distraction or impatience.

Today's decision to see the snow with a new perspective has inspired me to shift my perspective and has led to a few more personal goals: to be fully present to the people in my life--no cell phone, book or distractions when interacting, to greet my family personally when they walk through the door--every time, to share my love with fewer conditions--messy rooms and all, and to quickly forgive and move on. This could be the work of a lifetime!!

I am headed out to the cold....and I will decide to be energized--without rolling, digging or eating the snow. I will simply embrace the present moment and give thanks for the new insights; one deep breath and shovel full, at a time.

Many Blessings,


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