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Dipping my Toe In.....

Ok peeps, here is my first attempt at this whole blogging thing--wish me luck! The Universe has been nudging me for a while--ok, maybe for over a year--to become more open to technology and the many creative benefits and connections it is willing to facilitate. So, here we go....dipping my toe in...kind of cold...and unfamiliar.....but new things fuel growth and I am all about that. Well, at least in mind and spirit. I don't need any more bodily growth!

Being creative, making connections, fueling growth and balance of the mind, body and spirit; these are my passions! You can bring me any personal or worldly concern, topic, issue etc., and my brain will find the connections to bring it all back to these very essential essences of living. In our busy world, we need the opportunity to be creative, we need healthy human connection, we need balance for our mind, body and spirit, and sometimes, we just need a break. I will remind you, in many different ways, how to do these things, because I want you to be healthy, balanced and inspired to enjoy this awesome life!!

Today, I encourage you--or rather-- I challenge you, to take a little break, take a few quality breaths and remind yourself that you are doing a great job! Have an awesome day!

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